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What is a seizure movement detection alarm?

When a person in bed experiences an epileptic, or diabetic seizure, the body produces muscular spasms (Tonic/Clonic). Monitors are designed to identify this movement and raise an alert to a carer. Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK, established 1984, have provided solutions to aid epilepsy care for over 25 years, specialising in the design and manufacture of monitors that detect seizure movements from a sleeping person in bed. To ensure the highest product quality and safety, our company is accredited by BSI to ISO 9001.
At Medpage Limited, we take great care in the design, manufacture and after sales support for our seizure alarms. When you purchase an epilepsy seizure alarm from Medpage, our highly trained team are readily available for help, advice, and technical support, if needed, to insure your monitor works the way you want it to. Our technical support line is not a 0845 number and support is provided at no extra cost. All Medpage monitors are supplied with a 36 Month warranty. Medpage Limited extend the same level of quality service to private and professional customers. You can see our accreditation here

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How do they work?

A sensor is positioned under the bed mattress to detect body movements. Medpage monitors use sophisticated software algorithms to identify seizure movements from normal sleeping movement. As a seizure progresses, depending on setting, of sensitivity and alarm delay, an alarm is quickly generated to alert a carer, usually via an alarm pager or portable alarm.

How do I know which model will be suitable?

Medpage manufacture several different models to suit different patient groups. Generally, the method of seizure detection is common to all models, except for the MP5-ULTRA, which has different specialised operating software to enable use with complex epilepsy and specialist bed types, such as air flow mattresses. The choice of alarm notification receiver is an important consideration. The table below provides a basic guide. For professional use, all models can be connected to a commercial nurse call or Telecare system. Further advice is available if you call our experts on 01536 264 869.

What if we buy a seizure alarm and it is not suitable?

No problem. We offer a 28-day trial period to allow you to try out the monitor (UK only). You may return the equipment back to us for a refund equal to the purchase price (excluding return postage costs). We do not recycle previously used equipment. All Medpage monitors are supplied with a 36-month warranty

Model Code Seizure Type Alarm Notification Age or Body Size
MP5-UT Tonic/Clonic Radio Pager Baby-Adult
MP5-UTB Tonic/Clonic Portable Alarm Baby-Adult
MP5V2 Tonic/Clonic Pager + Recording Camera Baby-Adult
MP2V2 Tonic/Clonic Data Pager Baby-Adult
MP5-ULTRA T/C + Complex Radio Pager Baby-Adult

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