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  • Children's Epilepsy Seizure Alarm Medpage MP5V2 High Sensitivity Seizure Monitor

The MP5V2 is of higher specification to the MP5-UT and UTB models, the seizure detection performance is exactly the same. The MP5V2 is equipped with additional software that allows automatic triggering of our recording Wi-Fi camera, useful for recording seizure data to show a specialist nurse or GP. Additionally, the MP5V2 can be used as part of a multi-monitor system for care homes and specialist care facilities when linked to our digital message display pager. Not available as standard. If you do not require the additional features please look at the MP5-UT and UTB models.

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Tonic/Clonic nocturnal seizure detection, seizures alerted by radio pager (MPPL as standard), quick and easy to set up, suitable for children and adults. The Medpage Model MP5V2 epileptic seizure movement detector is designed to detect a variety of seizure types from all ages, including tremor, Tonic phase and seizures that cause limb twitching movements.

The high performance sensor and control software positively identifies seizure movement from a sleeping person, ignoring usual sleeping movements. A verified ongoing seizure results in an alarm transmission to the carer pagers with a working range of 100M (2 supplied). The sensor (300mm x 200mm x 10mm) has a sensitivity control to allow adjustment for patient body weight and bed/cot mattress type. A permissible movement alarm delay also has a control dial allowing adjustment from 2 – 30 seconds. This setting allows a person to turn over, or reposition themselves without an alarm generated. Settings are digitally stored to prevent tampering or accidental adjustment.

MP5V2 will detect movements resulting from an epileptic nocturnal seizure including minute prolonged movements from children Suitable for all ages babies - adults (conditions apply)


Large area patented monitoring sensor technology for improved movement detection from most bed and seizure types where movement occurs

Suitable for Cots/Cribs with memory foam mattresses, single & double beds

Digital sensitivity control for bed sensor and vocalization microphone

Digital alarm delay control virtually eliminates false alarms by ignoring natural sleeping movements, such as turning over

Detected seizures are notified to carer via radio pager (two supplied)

Monitor powered by mains power adaptor with 12 hour battery backup

CE marked in accordance with Medical Directive EEC 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC

Sensor dimensions 300mm x 200mm x 10mm Interconnecting lead 3M

Monitor dimensions: 150mm x 105mm x 45mm

Pagers powered by 2 x AA batteries Radio frequency 433MHz -

Monitor transmitter range 120M (line of sight) Pagers provide two-channel identification when used with two seizure monitors -

Ideal for dual patient monitoring at home, hospital or care home to identify active seizure alarm

Tamper proof settings, monitored connections, fault reporting to pagers

Ultimate seizure movement monitoring for home and professional care

3 Year warranty

No maintenance or servicing required

This model is not suitable for USA, please use link above for USA model

Children's Epilepsy Seizure Alarm Medpage MP5V2 High Sensitivity Seizure Monitor

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