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  • Zone processor wireless signal manager ZP-01

The Zone Processor is a major node in a long-range wireless system. It collects low power 433 and 866 MHz signals and boosts using 869 MHz for long distance transmission.

Uses dual wireless frequencies: 866 MHz to call points and 869 MHz for signalling to central monitor (LRCS-01). Receives signals on 433 MHz from mobile devices Long-distance link up to 500m allows larger buildings or small campuses to be covered in one network using 866 and 869 MHz "Handshake" signalling improves network security Reduces wireless data traffic at central monitor Uses relative signal strength to locate mobile alarms from wristbands, pendants, and wheelchairs.


Technical information 


Operating Frequency: 433, 866 and 869 MHz

Operating Range: 50m local, 500m long-range

Transmission Power: 13dBm (local) 27dBm (long-range)

Power Supply: AC adaptor 12V, 500mA

Rechargeable battery backup available

Dimensions (LxWxD):21 x 15 x 4.5cm

Housing Material: ABS

Net Weight: 450g

Operating Temp.: 5°C to 40°C


Zone processor wireless signal manager ZP-01

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