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  • DWSYS Wristband activated door egress alarm DoorWatcher

The DoorWatcher system is designed to allow a person prone to wandering more freedom and independence while in care. The system will alert care staff if the resident approaches a monitored door, (internal or external) corridor or hazardous area.

The system comprises of a strip style doorway detector that responds to low level signals continually transmitted by the resident wristband. The door strip monitor includes a built in sound alarm with volume control, a transmitter that will signal the nurse call central monitor and a simple zone detection range setting.

Installation is very quick and easy requiring no wiring or professional help. Self adhesive pads secure the door strip monitor to the door frame or adjacent wall. The resident wristbands are lightweight and comfortable to wear and are powered by sealed in lithium batteries, providing a continuous service life of 36 months.

The wristbands have secure power on/off and alarm transmission if unauthorised removal occurs. Unlimited numbers of wristbands can be used with single or multiple door strip monitors to allow all exit doors to be protected. The advantage of this type of system is the ability to monitor only residents at risk. Our magnetic switch door alarms for example will respond to all residents opening a door. For a single doorway, one DoorWatcher strip is usually adequate. For a double doorway it is recommended that two DoorWatcher strips are used.

The Doorwatcher can integrate with most nurse call systems and can be use with the CMD-11 desktop wireless nurse call station with integrated signal repeater. Other staff alert options include long range data pager messaging and wall mounting audible/visual alarm ILB-03.

The system price comprises of 1 x DoorWatcher strip monitor, 1 x Patient Wristband, 1 x PAG-11C caller ID display pager. 

DWSYS Wristband activated door egress alarm DoorWatcher

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